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Lemme know if ya get lonely and I'll drop by. ._.

Nah. All i need is the taximaster...

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Taxisex, EVERYONE's favorite!
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This community is now home to the 2005 squishbag Rare Games RP.

But i'll leave the old bio below just because!

Taxisex is just a name.

But it's a name that makes you think of "sex", right? Or what about "Taxi"?

It started off as a community of Conker's BaD Fur Day and Invader Zim fandom, but time's a-changing, and so welcome to the community of Dirty-Fun Video Game (and otherwise) Crack!

don't be an ass
no hardcore/graphic porno. Humourous pr0n, however, is greatly appreciated!

That's about it!

Now, into da taxi wif' ya!

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